Knowing NPS

NPS: The prototypal power plant for sustainable

National Power Supply Public Co., Ltd. or NPS is the main operating energy business under Double A Power group, one of the leaders in energy and renewable energy business with more than 30 years of experience. The company has emphasized on adopting alternative fuels such as biomass from agricultural waste, bark and black liquor as the waste from pulp and paper production as well as using anthracite and bituminous, a high-grade coal, mixed with biomass. NPS consumes a variety of fuels to increase the options and decrease the reliance on both gasoline and natural gas in electric power manufacturing.

Besides providing renewable energy for power-stability of the nation, NPS also places importance on both community and environment by using clean technology and modern technology. Its operations carries an environmental management system which built up confidence as well as trust from the local communities.

‘Ton Palang Ngan’: Energy-Tree, The Energy that
can be Grown

Believing in our capability of growing our own power, NPS has encouraged the farmers residing in the surrounding areas to maximize their land by planting and cultivating a special seedling , ‘Ton Palang Ngan’ which resulted from our intensive research and development. This will earn additional income for the local community.
‘Ton Palang Ngan’ qualifies as a fast-growing tree which takes only 2-3 years to be harvested. It also possesses special characteristics that give high heat value, making it be suitable fuel for electric power generation.
Moreover, Energy -Tree can be planted throughout the year with environmental benefits as it helps reduce global warming though natural absorption of carbon dioxide. According to a recently conducted independent study,1 Energy -Tree can absorb 60 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from the atmosphere. With these special characteristics, ‘Ton Palang Ngan’ is truly a desirable source of sustainable energy.

Power for the Community

The electric power generated by NPS is sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), nearby industrial zone and factories with a portion used to support its internal electricity requirements. Aside from stabilizing the nation’s source of electricity production, NPS also involves in funding the Community Development Fund to create prosperity to local communities surrounding NPS power plant. This project mainly concentrates on creating occupation, educational support and supporting health care to people in the area.
Furthermore, NPS has considered locating the plant strategically away from the shoreline in order to avoid the density of the industrial area. The company power plants are currently located in Sri Maha Phote district, Prachinburi province.

At present, NPS owns 10 power plants with 726.05 megawatts electricity capacity and earns an annual income of approximately 10 billion baht. NPS also distributes steam, a by-product from the electric power generation, to Double A Company to be used in its pulp and paper production. These qualities portray NPS as a strong, profitable, sustainable and socially responsible energy business.