‘Ton Palang Ngan’ (Energy-Tree)

Concerned with searching for renewable fuel to support its electric power production, NPS encourages farmers to cultivate Energy-Tree to produce a sustainable source of energy while developing the country’s agricultural sector. 'Ton Palang Ngan', NPS is selected alternative energy source, is a result of the company’s intensive research and development. It has special characteristics such as high temperature value and fast maturity period which makes ‘Ton Palang Ngan’ the most suitable for electricity generation.

Apart from being an alternative source of energy, it also strengthens the community’s economic sector. The farmers will earn additional income around 9,000 baht per rai (0.4 acre.) on their unused space without disturbing main crops.

According to the independent research, Energy-Tree helps reduce global warming through its natural carbon absorption. 1‘Ton Palang Ngan’ can absorb 60 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) from the atmosphere. At a rough estimate, NPS has been promoting the cultivation of 30 million trees of Energy-Tree per year. We have played a big part in reducing approximately 1.8 million tons of CO2e per year.

As long as soil, water, sunshine and carbon dioxide exist, electric power will remain.
Every ‘Ton Palang Ngan’ (Energy-Tree) we plant today will be the fuel for electricity generation tomorrow.