Social Responsibility

National Power Supply Public Co., Ltd. or NPS, operating under Double A Power Group, is determined in making progress towards sustainable energy together with taking care and maintaining the quality of life of people in our communities. Other than the distribution in Community Development Fund, NPS intends to build a sustainable community under the concept of ‘Creating Occupation, Educational Support, Supporting Health Care for Better Life of All” by focusing on the real needs of the residents.

NPS strictly abides by the laws, rules and regulations. According to the company’s policy, transacting with candor and sincerity, we are committed to operating better standards which are friendly to the environment, society and community. NPS also conducts the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to ensure that our performance has met the accepted-standard.

NPS’s social responsibility is based on the anticipation that we will be another driving force in developing the community and for the country to simultaneously attain sustainable growth and progress.